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ALXCD Earphones

The perfect answer to the question is not just a new earbuds pair but an old pair of earbuds! With our top quality replacement eargels, you can get the best results by using them with a new earbuds pair. Our tips and eargels are sure to take the place of your former earbuds and you will be able to listen to your music and listen to your music the way you want it.

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The new alxcd earphones come with new ear tips and clips for your in-ear phones. These ear tips come in different sizes and have a double triple flange that ensures a good seal. The ear tips are also silicone replacement and areatible with your other alxcd earphones. The 4 pair of long and short earphone wire clips make it easy to keep your earphones connected and working.
the new and improved alxcd ear tip foam for the jaybird x3 x2 x earphone is perfect for those who are looking for a less expensive and more quality product. These earphones feature soft noise cancelling technology and a 3-in-1 earplug which allows you to use it as a medium size earphone and also has a daily use battery.
the new hbs 1100 headphones are the perfect replacement for your older earphones. They come with a platinum hbs 1100 earbud and an lg bluetooth headset. The earphones are easy to set up and work with, making them perfect for work, travel, or school.